tenth life

Antietam released  Tenth Life, in the spring of 2011. It is Capital R Rock.

Here are some links to reviews and interviews connected with the release.

A lengthy interview with Jason Gross at Perfect Sound Forever:

If there’s one New York indie band that’s seemed ubiquitous but never really gotten the respect they deserve, it’s Antietam. Maybe it’s because of the odd name (coming from a Civil War battle) or that a woman’s in charge or any other conspiracy theory that you’d like to come up with. It boils down to this- it’s just goddamn unfair. “


Jim Markel at Swampland.com:

“…While not properly appreciated during their first run of recordings, Antietam deserves to finally get the wider notice that eluded them years ago.  Few bands have the goods they do.  We here at Swampland understand the value of experience.  Maybe the mainstream music world is obsessed with youth, but only veteran rockers with some miles on the tires can deliver this level of achievement.”


John Schacht spoke with us for Blurt Online:

“…Most bands with less longevity have bowed out quietly and turned to other pursuits when the signs all point in this direction. So what do you, Antietam, do? You defy common wisdom like you’ve always done. You release the aptly titled Tenth Life, one of the most ferocious and feral blasts of punk-inspired guitar rock in your esteemed catalog. And with it you prove yet again that great music doesn’t give a fuck how old the people making it are.”


Greg Kot in the Chicago Tribune:


Greil Marcus on Tenth Life in The Believer!


My piece on Patti Smith at adequacy.net:








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