Well, I can honestly say that the creative dog ate my homework! We have hardly been dormant since last year’s end year run, but I have been remiss in posting here.

Let’s change that now.

Coming up on January 30th (and, if you come, say Happy Birthday to my better half, Tim, whose birthday it will be) we are at Union Hall on a great bill.

First up (at 8PM) is D. W. Hunter, appearing as Victory Over Sound. Despite being from Louisville like Tim and I, we have never shared a bill! Go here for more info:

We hit at 8:30 ( a pleasingly after dinner hour slot).

Then, Speed the Plough at 9:30, who have an awesome new disc out on the revitalized Coyote Records.

To quote: “Speed the Plough, the much-loved veteran of the Hoboken Maxwell’s scene, has been heard on stages as varied as The Knitting Factory and NPR’s Mountain Stage. It is “. . . music that invites, persuades and ultimately seduces. Speed the Plough doesn’t sound like anybody else on the current pop scene. What a blessing.” Chicago Tribune ”

At 10:30, Heroes of Toolik are up. We had a swell time playing with these guys last year at the Cake Shop:

Heroes of Toolik is an “off kilter, post punk super group”. . . “deceptively catchy, hypnotically growling, post-Velvets grooves.” NY Music Daily Members and exes of Glenn Branca Ens., The Modern Lovers, Television, Band of Susans “… a who’s who of underground music.” The Big Takeover ”

Hope you can come, NYC!

PS: We are tantalizingly close to finishing our record…




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