Show at Hank’s September 14th!

Ya’ll know how much we love to play Hank’s-our favorite Brooklyn divesque bar. Good folks, good drinks, no cover and a generally chill vibe all around. The heat comes from the stage!

So we’ll do it again on Saturday, September 14th. Back to Rock School style.

This is the lineup:

Escape By Ostrich at 8:30

Check out the stylings of Willie Klein, Chis Nelson, Robert Dennis and Bob Bannister at these locales:

P.G. Six at 9:30

In addition to hard-jammers Mr. P.G. and Debbie Schwartz, the double duty duo of Bannister and Dennis will remain onstage with a beer break allowed:

Antietam at 10:30

We end the night with our excitable selves- for those who don’t know:



In addition, we will be celebrating the imminent debut of The Space Is the Place, a webcast series which, as our host Chris Nelson will explain on episode one, presents the best in Popular and Unpopular music. The show is based around the efforts of the members of our rehearsal space collective, plus our many talented friends. Tunes, chats and who knows what else coming down the bandwidth.

Episode one will be posted online the week of September 14-21st. Details on where to find it (hint-Vimeo) are forthcoming. On our first episode: Brooklyn duo Neg-Fi,  the man of many musical hats Greg Peterson, and the amazing singer/songwriter Jennifer O’Connor. Stay tuned….more on this launch VERY soon…

Show at Hank’s September 14th!