We met an actor named Jimmy. Jimmy has a problem. His problem is that he can’t agree to be anywhere at a certain time, to sit in a seat for a certain designated period. His mind just doesn’t work that way. So he can’t go to his own premieres. He really can’t go to the movies at all, unless he just wanders through in the middle of it. We didn’t really go into auditions or shooting schedules, but I guess he’s figured that out because he’s been in quite a few films.
In honor of what we like to call “the Jimmy Principle,” we present an evening of music at Hank’s Saloon in Brooklyn, where you don’t have to pay a cover or get past the velvet rope. You can leave at anytime and get a breath of fresh air, have a cigarette, a coffee, and come back in, with impunity. Anytime you show up or come back between 9 and midnight, there will be some music going on.
Saturday, March 2, Hank’s Saloon, Brooklyn
The schedule runs like this:
9pm  Drag City recording artist Pat Gubler of PGSix performing a set by himself
10pm  Ma’am, the excellent new band featuring the Rebecca Odes, Lyle Hysen, and Charles Gansa, all three formerly of a plethora of great bands
11pm Antietam, that’s us doing at least half a set of new songs and some from Tenth Life, our latest
Hank’s is on Atlantic about two blocks from the new arena and about every subway line in Brooklyn. I think they would be proud to be called a dive bar, which means you might be lucky to get a stool, but they have quality things to imbibe. (Their website can be a little misleading sometimes about the schedule.)
Hope to see you!