Final Quarter Report

Greetings good humans!

A few things to report in the ramp up to the release of our next record.

Look for Intimations of Immortality (IOI) to come to life in the first quarter of 2017. We are not sure of the release date (we are still baking it with esteemed sonic chef James McNew manning the stand-up mixer with TK) but it will be delicious!

What we ARE sure of is that it will be released on our new label: welcome Motorific Sounds to the universe!


Other things to look forward to on Motorific: for the first time, digital downloads of our Antietam baby pictures-the self-referential Antietam and our second Music From Elba, physical manifestations of most of our other releases, old tour t-shirts, Babylon Dance Band archival releases, books by band members and who knows what else?

When the store gets cranked up (as we speak) we will be selling all of the above via Bandcamp–not the Burlington, VT Antietam, not L’Antietam: The Original Antietam at Bandcamp

Last night (Thursday, November 3) you may have caught a live stream of a guerilla attack by Antietam from our rehearsal space on Facebook ( Stay tuned for more in the next couple of months and shelter in place! If you missed it, go here to see Transmission 1:

If you need a primer or refresher course in all sounds Antietam, go here to our Soundcloud page for a playlist:

And, finally for those of you in the New York zone, we are playing a show on December 3!

We are playing at Union Hall with Palomar! Can’t wait and hope to see you guys there….more details as they come in….we will be closing the night….

Onward in Rock!!


Final Quarter Report


Well, I can honestly say that the creative dog ate my homework! We have hardly been dormant since last year’s end year run, but I have been remiss in posting here.

Let’s change that now.

Coming up on January 30th (and, if you come, say Happy Birthday to my better half, Tim, whose birthday it will be) we are at Union Hall on a great bill.

First up (at 8PM) is D. W. Hunter, appearing as Victory Over Sound. Despite being from Louisville like Tim and I, we have never shared a bill! Go here for more info:

We hit at 8:30 ( a pleasingly after dinner hour slot).

Then, Speed the Plough at 9:30, who have an awesome new disc out on the revitalized Coyote Records.

To quote: “Speed the Plough, the much-loved veteran of the Hoboken Maxwell’s scene, has been heard on stages as varied as The Knitting Factory and NPR’s Mountain Stage. It is “. . . music that invites, persuades and ultimately seduces. Speed the Plough doesn’t sound like anybody else on the current pop scene. What a blessing.” Chicago Tribune ”

At 10:30, Heroes of Toolik are up. We had a swell time playing with these guys last year at the Cake Shop:

Heroes of Toolik is an “off kilter, post punk super group”. . . “deceptively catchy, hypnotically growling, post-Velvets grooves.” NY Music Daily Members and exes of Glenn Branca Ens., The Modern Lovers, Television, Band of Susans “… a who’s who of underground music.” The Big Takeover ”

Hope you can come, NYC!

PS: We are tantalizingly close to finishing our record…




A Fall to Remember

Hello all. It was truly a great Rock Season, capped off by this evidence-NYC Taper’s fine capture of our show in Philly at the Trocadero with our pals Yo La Tengo.

It all started with an amazing time at the first Outskirts Festival in Louisville in October, continued with trying to have Letha Rodman Melchior hear us all sending love and sound to her in the other/after place as we mourned her departure and celebrated her time here with us at Rough Trade in Brooklyn, and ended with two incredible shows with our fellow 30th anniversary celebrators Yo La Tengo here at Town Hall (where Margaret Sanger got chased around the stage by the morality wing of the NYC police in 1921, and of course, the site of a gazillion remarkable musical events over the years) and at the Trocadero in Philly (first known as the Arch Street Opera House in 1870, then, eventually, by the early-1940’s, as the Troc Theatre – a burlesque house.)

Thanks go out to our fantastic guests-Sue Garner on vocals and percussion at both Town Hall and the Troc, and Third Degree Burns Steven Levi and Cheryl Kingan (of the Scene Is Now) on horns for the Town Hall show (serving up some Punk Rock Memphis goodness)!

Onward with a season of recording at Chessie Studios-and there are 4 clues to the next Antietam album for Carrot Top Records nestled in this live tape and elsewhere….   Antietam @ the Trocadero    Antietam @ Outskirts performing the Endtables “Slow” with Tari O’Bannon, Steve Rigot, and, the amazing Wink O’Bannon (film: Chuck Baxter)      Antietam at Letha’s memorial (photo: Vicky Wheeler)     Antietam Grande (with Sue Garner, Steven Levi and Cheryl Kingan @ Town Hall performing “Birdwatching” and “Sunshine” (film: Brian Musikoff)

sanger   historicaltroc2

A Fall to Remember

NYC Gig News-Union Hall, Saturday, May 10

We could not be more thrilled than we are to be a part of the launch of Sleepyhead’s new album–their first in TOOOO long–by sharing a stage with them to celebrate the release of Wild Sometimes on Carrot Top Records. We are label mates again! We were on Homestead Records together in another century.

Also helping make the night festive are the dictionary definition of festive-The Scene Is Now.

The Scene Is Now-8:30



At Union Hall, 702 Union Street, Brooklyn. Here is more about all of us and the night:

Oh, and I (TK) did the painting on their cover!


NYC Gig News-Union Hall, Saturday, May 10

Show at Hank’s September 14th!

Ya’ll know how much we love to play Hank’s-our favorite Brooklyn divesque bar. Good folks, good drinks, no cover and a generally chill vibe all around. The heat comes from the stage!

So we’ll do it again on Saturday, September 14th. Back to Rock School style.

This is the lineup:

Escape By Ostrich at 8:30

Check out the stylings of Willie Klein, Chis Nelson, Robert Dennis and Bob Bannister at these locales:

P.G. Six at 9:30

In addition to hard-jammers Mr. P.G. and Debbie Schwartz, the double duty duo of Bannister and Dennis will remain onstage with a beer break allowed:

Antietam at 10:30

We end the night with our excitable selves- for those who don’t know:



In addition, we will be celebrating the imminent debut of The Space Is the Place, a webcast series which, as our host Chris Nelson will explain on episode one, presents the best in Popular and Unpopular music. The show is based around the efforts of the members of our rehearsal space collective, plus our many talented friends. Tunes, chats and who knows what else coming down the bandwidth.

Episode one will be posted online the week of September 14-21st. Details on where to find it (hint-Vimeo) are forthcoming. On our first episode: Brooklyn duo Neg-Fi,  the man of many musical hats Greg Peterson, and the amazing singer/songwriter Jennifer O’Connor. Stay tuned….more on this launch VERY soon…

Show at Hank’s September 14th!


We met an actor named Jimmy. Jimmy has a problem. His problem is that he can’t agree to be anywhere at a certain time, to sit in a seat for a certain designated period. His mind just doesn’t work that way. So he can’t go to his own premieres. He really can’t go to the movies at all, unless he just wanders through in the middle of it. We didn’t really go into auditions or shooting schedules, but I guess he’s figured that out because he’s been in quite a few films.
In honor of what we like to call “the Jimmy Principle,” we present an evening of music at Hank’s Saloon in Brooklyn, where you don’t have to pay a cover or get past the velvet rope. You can leave at anytime and get a breath of fresh air, have a cigarette, a coffee, and come back in, with impunity. Anytime you show up or come back between 9 and midnight, there will be some music going on.
Saturday, March 2, Hank’s Saloon, Brooklyn
The schedule runs like this:
9pm  Drag City recording artist Pat Gubler of PGSix performing a set by himself
10pm  Ma’am, the excellent new band featuring the Rebecca Odes, Lyle Hysen, and Charles Gansa, all three formerly of a plethora of great bands
11pm Antietam, that’s us doing at least half a set of new songs and some from Tenth Life, our latest
Hank’s is on Atlantic about two blocks from the new arena and about every subway line in Brooklyn. I think they would be proud to be called a dive bar, which means you might be lucky to get a stool, but they have quality things to imbibe. (Their website can be a little misleading sometimes about the schedule.)
Hope to see you!